A new world in the construction industry

It may sound a bit exaggerated that our steel system really should be so innovative as to have us talking about a new world.
Nevertheless, we are actually so confident about the product that we believe it is the future of construction.

Constructions in steel are not new. Or is it?Sommerhus_lille
We believe it is and there are several good reasons.

  • It’s faster than ever – from developed land to finished house can take as short time as 41 days.
  • It is more versatile – We can build everything from sheds or cottages to multi-storage buildings up to 12 floors
  • It is recyclable – We can build in modules that can be reused for new purposes again and again
  • It is environmentally friendly – Because we work with a steel product, which is 70% recycled steel.

Even when all these things come into the picture we can build houses that meet all the requirements of building regulations. We do not compromise on quality. So if you are in need of a home or just want to build a new home in a sensible way, then you should take a look at our project page, where you now can see the first pictures of a vacation home, we are building for a customer.