9. November 2015

About us

At Prodatek we constantly develop new solutions. We are always in search of new materials, new suppliers and new ideas. So that we can continue to deliver products that are competitive on all parameters to you.

We believe that we can continue to lead the way for innovative solutions for facades on all types of construction and in our endeavor to build fast modular homes, schools and offices because we are always moving forward.

Our innovative approach gives you all the benefits, it is you the customer who comes first for us.

Therefore it is important that our products are not only beautiful to look at, but also meet certain other conditions. We provide products that are up to 40-70% faster to install than other similar products for cladding. At the same time, there is ample opportunity to insulate between the wall and cladding, if you want an extra profit on heating bills.

Our steel system for modular building is just as fast and it makes it possible to build an entire home in 41 days.