12 steps to the new house. It’s that easy

01 The light beams are placed on the foundation.

02 The floor structure is isolated. The construction of the steel beams make them strong and reduces thermal bridges.
Top / Bottom rail for Quick-lock system is mounted on top of the beams.

03 Hard gypsum sheets, intended for floor, laid out to form a disc.

04 Quick-lock poles mounted in the bottom rail and the top rail. The system is “30-60” and all the rails can be placed by 300 mm. distance. The house is designed for those meassurements.
Top and bottom are suitable for “30-60” system.

05 Exterior Wind Plate installed (Windows can be installed ). Closing off for any weather condition.

06 Rafter beams mounted in mounting shoes. If desired the roof can be made to slope. Rafter beams are made in the same strong, lightweight steel construction as floor structure.
On top of the rafter a bottom rail is mounted. A wooden beam is mounted in this.

07 Rafters are insulated. Thermal bridges are reduced due to the truss structure.

08 Roof plywood laid on, attached to the truss top wooden beam.
Water nose is mounted around the perimeter.

09 Roofing burned onto the roof plywood.

10 External walls are isolated.

11 Internal walls fitted with the same Quick-lock system. All walls lined.

12 Interior fitting installed, and the building is ready for occupancy.