6. November 2015

Facade cladding products

New facade?

At Prodatek we have developed a system that makes it quick and easy to make a beautiful new facade on all types of construction.Prodatek facade

Our system makes it possible to insulate the building while beautifying the facade. Since we work with natural but inorganic materials such as slate and tile the new facade also gives your building an additional fire protection.

Our system has been thoroughly tested and we give 30-years warranty.

It is all fitted very easily on our specially developed mounting rail and clips. Both are made with acid-proof and weather-resistant materials.

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At Prodatek we know how a building site works and what it takes to finish a building project on time. It is very important to us that our systems are easy to work with and quick to mount. At the same time, there is almost no waste, since the rail bits down to 60 cm can be reused on the facade.

Our system for setting up new facade provides a stable and solid facade, and of course we have thought about drainage, insulation options, ventilation and fire retardancy.

Please go to our projects page to see samples