6. November 2015

Steel system products

Going to build something new?

See how easy it can be

With our steel system, we can build anything from sheds and carports to homes, youth homes and apartment buildings up to 12 floors.

Our steel system is a new way of building, which is much faster than traditional buildings. We do not compromise with anything in the process and the system can be set up so that it complies with the latest building regulations.

If you choose a steel system from us, you are also helping to protect the environment. Firstly, because the steel we use is 70% recycled and secondly because a lot of the building can be reused.

This means that we can build in modules that can be reused for new purposes should the need arise. In this way, what starts off as a youth home can become a cottage, classroom or club somewhere else later.

The unique system makes it easy to move the inner as well as outer walls, making the combination and recycling possibilities almost endless.

A steel house is quick to set up. We are working, for example, with a schedule of 41 days from the land is developed to the finishing of a modular built steel house.

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